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Oase Lunaqua 10 System


Oase Lunaqua 10 System
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Product Information

This professional quality, top of the range lighting system from Oase offers complete flexibility in its design, allowing the spotlight to be suitable for any setting, whether it be a pond, a garden or a DIY fountain. It can be installed in or out of the water. Its glass cover and aluminium reflector create the best possible light quality. All components for the Lunaqua 10 are available to purchase separately: lights, bulbs, transformer and cable can all be bought to suit your requirements.

All available components for the Oase Lunaqua 10 system come with a 2 year guarantee.

An example of a typical set up would be:

  • 4 x Lunaqua 10 Halogen
  • 4 x 35 watt halogen bulb (for above water usage)
  • Underwater transformer UST 150/01
  • 1 x 5m connecting cable
  • 1 x 2.5 connecting cable

The Lunaqua 10 Halogen is a bright spotlight with a mounting bracket that allows a 180° swivel range. It can use 35w, 50w or 75w halogen bulbs underwater. Above water either 35w or 50w halogen bulbs can be used.

Lunaqua 10 LED/01
The Lunaqua 10 LED comes with a long life LED bulb. It has a thermal protection function, meaning that the light intensity will be reduced if the temperature becomes too high. The Lunaqua 10 LED allows a lighting range of 12m, and comes with a spare LED that can be easily replaced. The mounting bracket allows a 180° swivel range. The Lunaqua 10 LED can be used underwater or out of water.

Underwater Transformer UST 150/ 01
Simple and safe to use, this transformer is compatible with the Oase Lunaqua 10 Lighting System. It can power up to 150 watts of lights: 4 x 35 watt bulbs, 3 x 50 watt bulbs, 2 x 75 watt bulbs, or 4 x 10 LED spotlights. It is completely weatherproof, can be used underwater and has a 10m cable length.

Bulbs for Lunaqua 10 Halogen
Suitable for use with the Lunaqua 10 Halogen. It can use 35w, 50w, or 75w halogen bulbs underwater. Above water either 35w or 50w halogen bulbs can be used.


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