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Oase Bitron Premium UVC


A premium UVC from Oase that boasts extremely effective sterilisation and high quality stainless steel housing – designed for ProfiClear Modular Systems

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Product Information

The Oase Bitron Premium UVC is a UVC that boasts exceptionally effective levels of sterilisation thanks to featuring a longer water retention time, and a flow optimised reactor design, that produces virtually loss free UV radiation.

It also features a high quality V4A stainless steel housing for improved stability and higher reflection rates. Available in 60w, 120w and 180w variations, the 2 larger models allow you to switch the UV banks on or off individually for greater control. These UVCs are designed for use with the ProfiClear range of modular filtration systems and will provide impressive results on those systems.

  • 100% VDE-certified for safety - does not cause eye injuries
  • Exceptionally effective sterilisation thanks to the long retention time of the water in the Bitron
  • High quality V4A stainless steel housing for increased stability and higher reflection rates
  • Easy installation, with stainless steel connection elements
  • Fully compatible with Oase ProfiClear modular filtration systems
  • Horizontal or vertical setup
  • Clear water guarantee when used in conjunction with Oase ProfiClear filters
  • UV banks on 120w and 180w can be switched on or off individually as required
  • Flow-optimised reactor design ensures direct and virtually loss-free UV radiation
  • 2 year guarantee


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