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Water Lilies

Water Lilies are a great way to add vibrant colours to your pond as they come in a range of colours. They are aquatic plants which grow from the bottom of a pond, sending up large, round leaves, or 'pads', these help to shade your pond.  Lilies can get quite big, but we also sell pygmy or miniature lilies that are suited to smaller ponds. 

Lilies make a beautiful addition to any pond. The elegant flowers can be seen from June to September. Ideally 2 thirds of the ponds surface should be covered with lily leaves (or floating plants). The shade they provide lowers light levels, which in turn reduces algae growth. Lilies do not like water splashing on their leaves. They prefer still water and sunshine to help them flower and flourish.

Nymphaea alba, often called “White lily” is the only lily native to the UK.

Due to the seasonal nature of the plants, availability changes on a weekly basis. If what you require is not currently available, please check back soon as varieties are at their best at differing points of the year.