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A Powerful Skimmer for Clearing those Autumn Leaves

22nd Oct 2021

Following on from our video  featuring the Oase SwimSkim 25, here we bring you its bigger br
Protect Your Pond through the Autumn and Winter

15th Oct 2021

At this time of year it's important to think about protecting your pond through autumn and int
Get Ready for Those Autumn Leaves, as Met Office Predicts Severe Windy Rainy Weather!

1st Oct 2021

It’s that time of year again when we're heading into the autumn. And the Met Office is predict
Time to Switch to Wheatgerm Feed

24th Sep 2021

It may only seem like just the other day that the sun was shining and you were switching to h
Pond Vac Maintenance Tips

17th Sep 2021

About this time of year you might be thinking of vaccing out all that sludge from the bottom of your
The Weird and Wonderful World of Koi Keeping

10th Sep 2021

The weird and wonderful world of koi keepers is quite a fascinating one! Koi obsession knows no b
A New Home for Hershel

3rd Sep 2021

Here’s a great little video telling the story of Stacey and her 32 year old pet turtle Hershel
The PondKraft Solar Floating Lily Fountain

27th Aug 2021

Solar tech is all the rage atm, but not just in cars and powerplants - but in ponds and gardens t
Hozlock Easyclear - The All in One Solution for Small to Medium Ponds

20th Aug 2021

All in one filters are a perfect, easily installed solution for smaller ponds with a low stock