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Hozelock Superhoze - Now in 3 Sizes, with Great Special Offer

9th Apr 2021

The amazing Hozelock Superhoze Expanding Hose Pipe expands to 3 times its original size. Just
Getting your Pond Ready for Spring and Summer

1st Apr 2021

So spring has sprung and we're even starting to get little hints of the brighter weather just around
Is it Time to Start Feeding

26th Mar 2021

So spring is in full swing and the weather is tentatively warming up. During the coldest of the win
Our Spring 2021 Catalogue is out Now!

19th Mar 2021

Download our 2021 Spring CatalogueSpring is here, the days are getting longer and our new Catalo
Clean that Winter Sludge and Get Ready for Spring with the Pondovac 4!

9th Mar 2021

Now is the time to Vac out your pond in time for the Spring and Summer season. Leaves, twigs and
Breathe Life Back into your Pond

5th Mar 2021

As winter gives way to spring and the nicer weather is just around the corner lots of you will soon
Keep Those Pests and Predators Away all Year Round!

26th Feb 2021

Your pond can be a welcoming habitat not only for your much loved and cherished fish, but it can
Top Tips for Buying Fish

18th Feb 2021

So you’ve completed your pond build project and the final act of finishing off your garden pon
Amazing Award Winning Pond

12th Feb 2021

This incredible pond and waterfall set up By Modern Design Aquascaping in the US, recently won a