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Why You Need an Air Pump in the Heatwave!

23rd Jul 2021

An air pump is a vital part of most modern ponds. It's important to ensure an adequate air supply
Keep the Summer Sludge at Bay with the Pondovac 4!

16th Jul 2021

The Pondovac 4 is a top quality pond vacuum from premium German brand Oase. The hassle free 2 cha
A Quick Guide to Green Water Solutions

2nd Jul 2021

The best way to deal with Green Pond Water is to use a UV Clarifier , as the Ultra Violet Clar
A Few Top Tips for Summer Pondkeeping

25th Jun 2021

Now the summer’s here and we’re enjoying much warmer weather (even if intermittently) there ar
Add Oxygen to Your Pond with the Filtral and Accompanying Aeration Set

11th Jun 2021

The Oase Filtral Aeration Set is a fantastic little add-on to the Oase Filtral UVC All-in-on
Everything you Need to Know about Green Water in the Hotter Weather!

4th Jun 2021

Now that we're getting some properly hotter weather that's set to Continue for Some Time&nbs
Get Some Sun on Our PondKraft Solar Lily Fountain

28th May 2021

Solar tech is the next big thing in gardens and ponds. As the weather gets better and the days long
Add an Air Pump!

21st May 2021

Now that we're fully into springtime (though you wouldn't know it by the current weather) we can
Gorgeous PondKraft Solar Water Features!

14th May 2021

We’re now fully stocked up on all of our most popular own brand PondKraft and Bradshaws stuff!