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Pond Vac Maintenance

25th Mar 2022

About this time of year you might be thinking of vaccing out all that sludge from the bottom of your pond that has inevitably built up from autumn and summer debris decomposing on the pond bottom. A pond vacuum is an important piece of pond maintenance equipment. But just as your pond needs to be kept clean and free from built up sludge and debris in order to operate properly, so too, does your Pond Vacuum.

To keep everything working properly and in top condition it's important to follow these few simple tips below and clean out your vacuum on a regular basis.

  1. Open your vacuum and thoroughly clean out any sludge and debris from the bottom of the vacuum cylinder (the chamber that the vacummed sludge and debris goes in to). There may be a large build up so it's best to do this using a hose pipe.
  2. Remove the engage cap. Then remove the foams. Clean these also with a hose pipe, being sure to clean them out thoroughly so they'll do their job to maximum effect when put back into the vac.
  3. Check all pipework for blockages. Clear any blockages - again this is best done with a hose pipe.
  4. Re-assemble your unit and start it up to test that everything is running efficiently.

Follow these simple but essential steps and you'll be sure to enjoy many years of trouble free vaccing.

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