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Oase LunAqua Power LED Spotlight Sets


LunAqua Power LED Spotlight Sets - powerful economical lighting for pond, garden, water features and fountains

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Product Information

Brand new from Oase are these powerful yet economical LunAqua Power LED Spotlight sets. Available as a single spotlight or a set of 3, they comprise 1 or 3 x LunAqua Power LED spotlights, holding brackets, ground spikes and a robust power unit with 5 metres of connecting cable. These spotlights are small yet deliver a powerful warm white spot light, while still being economical at only 5.8w power consumption. As bright as a 50w halogen spotlight, the powerful white LED illumination will light up your garden, pond or water feature a treat.

With all the brackets and cabling provided you can position your lights anywhere you like; wall mounted, in your pond, on pond shelves or positioned in soft ground with the use of the supplied ground spikes. You can even attach them to the fountain pump riser of Oase fountain pumps such as the Aquarius Fountain set to illuminate your fountain directly. All spotlights, drivers and cables are suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4m (IP68 Protection Class).

  • Powerful economical illumination sets for pond, garden, water feature or fountain
  • Set comprises 1 or 3 x LunAqua Power LED spotlights, holding brackets and robust power unit (can accommodate up to 4 spotlights), and 5 metres of connecting cable per spotlight
  • An economical 5.8w power consumption yet delivering light equivalent to a 50w halogen
  • Spotlights, drivers and cable suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4m (protection class IP68)
  • 3 Year Oase Guarantee

The 10 metre extension cable can be used to extend the scope of where you can position your spotlights (distance from power supply). Up to 4 of these extension cables can be daisy chained, along with the 5 metre cable supplied when the spotlights were bought - meaning a total possible cable span of 45 metres per spotlight. 

Also available is the Oase LunAqua Power LED Floating Fountain Illumination Set.


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