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Oase Bitron Eco UVC


Energy efficient UVC
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Product Information

For the Bitron Eco UVC Oase have teamed up with Phillips to make a unique bulb that now has 50% longer service life. It has an energy control system that can allow you to maximise your energy savings.

Patented autonomous bulb cleaning. This is a rotor that is moved continuously around the bulb by the water flow stopping any debris from settling.

It has an automatic membrane regulator, which based on the water flow adapts itself for the water distribution.

The Bitron Eco has an automatic control unit, that shows you the water temperature and the status of your bulb, it also allows adaptation of capacity.

Bitron Dimensions (L x W x H) Power Consumption (watts) Net Weight kg For Ponds up to max m3 For ponds with fish stock m3 For Koi Ponds m3
120 725 x 227 x 248mm 120 7.9 120 60 30
180 725 x 227 x 248mm 180 7.9 180 90 45
240 725 x 227 x 248mm 240 8.1 240 120 60


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