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Oase Dynamix Food Super Mix


The Super Mix that makes all fish happy – including small or large fish with natural or red pigmentation and majestic koi: With the varied mixture of flakes, sticks and pellets (size small), each of the fish in the mixed pond will find a nutrient-rich supply that completely suits their needs and supports them in growth, vitamin absorption, scale formation and colour intensity. Of course, the Super Mix also has the concentrated power of the DYNAMIX triple effect. It ensures that pond inhabitants have even growth, a strong immune system and a balanced metabolism. These effects mean the pond water remains clear.

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Product Information

Oase Dynamix is a pond fish food range that promotes natural growth and intense colours whilst helping to ensure clear pond water. The range includes flakes, sticks and koi pellets.

Dynamix food blends nutrients, natural pigments and prebiotics to optimal levels making it the perfect choice for creating healthy pond fish and clearer water. 

Oase Dynamix Super Mix are suitable for all pond fish types and are perfect for mixed ponds where there are all different types of fish. Super Mix has something for every type and variety of fish and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids allowing your fish to properly digest and get the most benefit out of the ingredients and nutrients within.

FREE Delivery to qualifying postcodes when you Spend £60 or more*

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