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Oase Biosys Pond Filter Set 30120


Oase Biosys Pond Filter Set
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Product Information

In each of the Oase Biosys Sets you get an Aquamax Eco, a Bitron UVC and a Biotec filter.

Each of these items has outstanding features and is at the forefront of technological development in pond equipment. The products within each set are perfectly matched to give optimum, guaranteed performance.

The Biotec Filters included are very low maintenance and have been designed so that all of the regular cleaning jobs can be done with the minimum of mess. The Biotec 12, 18 and 36 filters incorporate the 'Screenmatic' electric mesh screen for removing solid particles.

As well as our four 'core' Biosys kits (3.4.5 & 6) we have many other kits for different sized ponds. Each of these kits is perfectly matched to give you optimum performance. There are 15 other kits available (19 kits in total) to give you a huge choice and scope for choosing the perfect kit for your pond. Have a look at our performance chart and then choose what you need from the drop-menu.

Click here for the Oase Biosys Sets performance chart

Sku: OABS230120

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