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Oase AquaActiv BioKick Care 500ml


Activates pond water with beneficial probiotic bacteria & minerals. Creates optimal conditions promoting crystal clear water & healthy fish with vibrant colours

Product Information

It’s well known that Japanese koi breeders increase the vibrancy and brilliant colours of their koi by keeping them in ponds made of clay that have a particularly high mineral content. Oase AquaActiv BioKick Care emulates similar ‘mud pond’ conditions by adding specially selected probiotic microorganisms and minerals.

It also contains lactic acid bacteria which activates and stimulates the digestive system of fish for better absorption of nutrients and vitamins. All of this means that BioKick Care leads to crystal clear water and brilliant vibrancy and health for your fish.

  • Activates the pond water with important beneficial bacteria
  • Creates optimal pond conditions by adding special minerals and probiotic bacteria
  • Introduces lactic acid bacteria to stimulate fish digestive systems
  • Helps create crystal clear water, and healthy fish with vibrant colours
  • 500ml treats up to 10000 litres

Sku: OA75831

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