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PondKraft Variflow Filter Pump

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PondKraft Variflow Filter Pump - A quality variable flow filter pump with a weatherproof digital control panel.

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Product Information

A clever new pump with variable flow. This pump has a weatherproof digital control panel with LCD screen. You can control the flow rate, turning it down in the winter to save on running costs (as low as 15 watts) and up in the summer to add more oxygen and improve filter performance. The screen displays current wattage and has a pause button to stop the pump.

  • 6mm solids handling
  • Automatic shut off after 2 minutes of no water coming through - to prevent the pump running dry.
  • Can be adjusted to make waterfalls quieter at night
  • 10 metre cable from control panel to pump, 2 metres from panel to supply
Model Min Flow Max Flow

Max Flow

@ 1m lph

Running Cost -

Watts (min/max)

Hose Size (mm)
10000 4000 10000 7500 15/85 20 - 40
20000 9300 20000 16500 34/185 25 - 50

Made By Jebao


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