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PondKraft UV Box Filter - Replacement Filter Foam Sets


Replacement filter foams for The PondKraft UV Box Filter range

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Product Information

It's important to replace old filter foams regularly (or when your foams are nor longer as effective). Over time Filter foams will deteriorate a little but it's a simple matter to replace them to restore your filter to maximum efficiency and extend it's life.

On this page you can find replacement foams for the:

  • PondKraft UV Box Filter 6000 - 1 complete set of 3 foams
  • PondKraft UV Box Filter 9000 - 1 complete set of 2 foams
  • PondKraft UV Box Filter 12000 - 1 complete set of 3 Foams
  • PondKraft UV Box Filter 25000 - 1 complete set of 2 foams


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