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PondKraft Armoured Click-Fast Heavy Duty Pond Nets and Pole


PondKraft Armoured Click-Fast Heavy Duty Pond Nets - Heavy Duty Nets for those tough or professional jobs

All of these net heads fit onto the telescopic, and fixed length poles which are sold separately

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Product Information

Our very own brand PondKraft Armoured Click-Fast Heavy Duty Pond Nets, are a range of extra tough nets designed for professionals or for your serious pond keeping jobs. This range of nets are built to last! They're the strongest nets we’ve ever produced and are most likely stronger than any you've seen anywhere else! They feature a revolutionary method of joining the net to the pole (normally the weakest point). This Armoured Clickfast system lets the handle push right inside the metal bracket on the net head and spreads the load over a much wider area. The range includes 3 types of net head and the 3 metre (9’10”) telescopic pole. The Koi Sock is hand held and is the safest way to handle large fish. The handle/pole features comfortable non-slip rubber grips, and the Armoured Clickfast Coupling.

All the Net Heads fit on to the sturdy telescopic pole (sold separately). Constructed from strong yet lightweight aluminium it can be extended from a compact 1.1m (43.5") all the way out to 3m (9'10") fully extended - and will hardly bend when carrying weight even at full extension. Made from a special rubberised coated mesh, the nets are strong, long-lasting and will shake almost dry in an instant.

  • Catch Net 41 x 46 x 30cm deep - 8mm rubber coated mesh
  • Koi Pan Net 75 x 75 x 15cm deep - 6mm mesh
  • Sludge Skimmer 46 x 41 x 20cm deep - 2mm mesh
  • Koi Sock 30 x 33 x 121cm long - 2mm mesh
  • Extra Strong Telescopic Handle - 3 metres long (extended)

As the net heads are interchangeable, net heads and telescopic pole are sold separately (Net heads not supplied with telescopic pole as standard).


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