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PondKraft Pressurised Filters and Kits


A great value pond filter with built in UVC. Available on its own or as a kit that includes a Pondkraft Eco Filter Pump

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Product Information

These great value filters from PondKraft have been redesigned and have all the features that you need. Each model comes with a built in UVC to keep your water crystal clear. The pollution indicator tells you when cleaning is needed, and the Easy Cleaning feature makes cleaning a breeze. Just turn the handle to the 'clean' position and pump the handle on the top of the filter to compress the foams. This squeezes all of the dirt and debris out of the foams and backflushes it through the filter. You can direct the dirty water down your drain or even better, to your flowerbeds. Then just turn the handle back to the 'run' position and you're done. Add a pump to save money - just select from the product list. 

  • Hose size 20-25mm on 4000, 20-40mm on other models
  • 2 year guarantee

Pondkraft 4000 - 9w UVC - Max flow 3300lph - Suitable for Goldfish ponds of up to 3000 litres 
Pondkraft 8000 - 11w UVC - Max flow 5000lph -  Suitable for Goldfish ponds of up to 5500 litres
Pondkraft 12000 - 18w UVC - Max flow 7000lph - Suitable for Goldfish ponds of up to 8000 litres
Pondkraft 30000 - 24w UVC - Max flow 15000 lph - Suitable for Goldfish ponds of up to 15,000 litres

Why not buy a kit and save money? When you choose a Kit with Pump from the options you'll get a powerful and reliable PondKraft Eco Filter Pump or Pondkraft Compact Filter Pump (depending on stock availability)

We sell a range of spares for these filters and the older versions, such as the Grey Rocker Cover, Universal Quartz Sleeves, Large O-Rings, and for the 2018 30000 model we have the replacement Sealing Clamp, Indicator Assembly, Replacement UVC Bulbs and Clear Dome Lid.

If you require any spare parts for the NEW Pondkraft Pressurised Filters please call our Sales Team on 01904 698800


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