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PondKraft Mini LED Pond Spotlight


PondKraft Mini LED Pond Spotlight - Miniature high-powered pond lights with super-bright LEDs, available as singles or in packs of 3.

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Product Information

Miniature high-powered pond lights with super-bright LEDs. These will fit inside water features, under waterfalls and will light up fountains a treat. They're also great around the garden for illuminating a prized plant or a dark pathway for instance.

Each light comes with a weighted base so that you can put it on the pond bottom or position freestanding in the garden. There’s a ball and socket joint so you can point it in any direction you choose. Each light only uses 1 watt so they're economical and eco-friendly too. They come with an outdoor transformer and 5 metres of cable, as well as one metre of cable between each light (on the 3 light set).

  • Powerfull LED lights for pond and garden
  • Use underwater in your pond to light up features and falls or freestanding in your garden
  • Weighted base for easy positioning, in or out of the pond
  • Can be pointed in any direction thanks to a ball and socket joint
  • 5 metres of cable to the outlet
  • 1 metre of cable betwen each light in the 3 light set


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