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PondKraft Long Pond Gloves


PondKraft Long Pond Gloves - Keep your hands clean dry and warm when working in and around pond and garden

Product Information

Our PondKraft Long Pond Gloves are just the thing to keep your hands dry, warm and clean when doing all those jobs around the pond and garden. Whether it be fishing out your pond pumps for a clean or grabbing leaves, blanketweed or debris from the surface these will do the job perfectly.

At over 60cm (2 feet) long their long enough to cover your entire arm, and the elasticated tops will ensure they fit tight and stay in place. The textured grain on the fingers and hand section will help with grip and their thickness will keep out the cold.

  • Long pond gloves perfect for keeping hands and arms dry clean and warm when working in and around the pond and garden
  • Over 2 feet long to provide cover for your full arm length
  • Elasticated tops ensure a tight and secure fit
  • Textured fingers and palm provide extra grip
  • Thick hand section to keep the cold out.


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