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PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump Plus - with LED and Battery


PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump Plus - with LED and Rechargeable Battery - a fountain in your pond day and night, with LED lights (on the 200 Plus) for night time viewing and zero energy costs thanks to solar technology!

Try our PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump 800 Plus for more power, remote control and extra control options 

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Product Information

The easiest way to add a fountain! Works at night!

This range of fountain pumps let you have a fountain without a mains connection, and without running costs, using the power of the sun.

Each of the pumps has a built-in battery, the 400 Plus has the ultra-modern lithium ion type that stores more power. The 200 Plus has LED lights that fit around the fountain stem and light it up so you can enjoy your water feature after dark.

They all have a memory function, if you turn it on at 5pm it will run as long as it can then turn off. Next day it will turn on again at 5pm and every day until you set a new time.

PK 200 Plus:

  • Capacity - 200lph
  • 4 x Ni – MH AA size rechargeable battery pack
  • 2 Fountain heads – tiered (bell jet not included)
  • 1 Jet nozzle
  • 45cm Max fountain height
  • LED Lights (4 white on stem)
  • Rear control panel

PK 400 Plus:

  • Capacity - 400lph
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • 2 Fountain heads – 1x Bell Jet fountain head, 1 x 3 tiered fountain head
  • 1 Jet nozzle
  • 80cm Max fountain height
  • Rear control panel

Need a bit more power? Try our PondKraft Solar Fountain Pump 800 Plus, which also comes with a remote control and has extra control options for setting duration and selecting 5 different power levels allowing you to vary the fountain height. 

We are unable to ship these items to locations outside of the UK mainland.


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