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PondKraft All In One 2500 Pump Filter UVC


PondKraft All In One 2500 - Pump, Filter and UVC combined in one unit. A complete solution to give you clean clear pond water all year round.

Create gorgeous fountain effects with the PondKraft All In One Fountain Set - Just £5.99 when bought together with this product (RRP £12.99!)

Product Information

A complete, simple solution to give you clean, clear pond water all year round. Simple to set up it only has one electric cable. Inside the unit is a pump, filter and UVC. It can power a small waterfall or a fountain with the optional fountain set - just £5.99 when bought alongside this pump (RRP £12.99) 

It will keep a nature pond of 3000 litres or a goldfish pond up to 1500 litres clean, clear and healthy. At only 20 watts it is very cheap to run.

  • German design
  • Fits hose sizes 12, 20 or 25mm (that’s ½”, ¾” or 1”)
  • Max Flow rate 600 Lph
  • Max Head Height 1.3m
  • 7 watt UVC
  • 2 foam layers, bio media and gravel
  • 10m cable
  • Dimensions 250 x 185 x 160mm

Sku: PKALL2500

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