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Velda Giant Biofill XL Pond Filter and Filter Kits


Velda Giant Biofill XL Pond Filter and Filter Kits
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Product Information

The Velda Giant Biofill XL is a huge filter designed for heavily stocked ponds.

Its innovative design centres on lift-out chambers that make for simple cleaning and easy customization of the filter. The water has to take a long route through the filter and this means it is cleaned very effectively.

Supplied with the filter are bio-balls that encourage the growth of friendly bacteria and Japanese matting that removes even the finest dirt particles.

The filter has two ports to fit either UVCs or heaters, so you can increase the UV capacity if you need to, swap them out for heaters in the winter, or have one of each. A UV comes with the kit but is not included when you buy the filter only.

We have a Biofill Kit available which includes a UVC, a Velda High Stream pump and a Velda Silenta 300 air pump to help the growth of friendly bacteria in the filter. All of these components are perfectly matched to give you clean, clear water.

Velda Giant Biofill XL performance table

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