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Velda Classic Pond Bottom Substrate


In a natural pond, the bottom is the place where most of the biological activity takes place. This substrate will give your pond the same solid foundation. Specially chosen to promote the growth of friendly bacteria and other micro-organisms, a covering of substrate is the best way to achieve a natural balance in your pond and it looks great too; much better than a black bin liner!

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Product Information

Classic Substrate from Velda is the standard for a biological nutrient medium for garden ponds. Owing to its very light and porous structure, this substrate provides maximum adherence of micro-organisms. Clear water guaranteed!

To obtain a natural and stable balance in garden ponds, the substrate is important for the development of micro-organisms. Also, the material should contain a sufficient amount of nutrition for the growth of pond plants. With this knowledge Velda has composed the pond substrate referred to. Consequently Velda pond substrate has been leading for many years in the field of pond nutrient media. The substrate has an open structure and a large internal surface area. This guarantees maximum growth of micro-organisms. Besides, strong constant growth of water lilies and marsh plants is guaranteed by a sophisticated composition, including minerals and trace elements. Ponds sunk with Velda pond substrate obviously result in a quicker development and achievement of a biological balance and finally a clear water garden. 

Advice for use: distribute a 2 cm layer of substrate on the pond bottom. This can also be done in existing ponds. 10 litre bag - covers approx 1m²

FREE Next Day Delivery to qualifying postcodes when you Spend £50 or more*

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