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Oase Pontec PondoScare Spinner


A pond spinner that spins in the wind and imitates the eye of a predator to scare away heron and other pests. With mounting pole and string to hang over pond

Product Information

The Oase Pontec PondoScare Spinner acts as a visual deterrent to heron and other pests. It will dangle over your pond and sway and spin in the wind. The reflective surface and eye design at the centre, will look like the eye of a large predator to heron - to scare them and other pests away from your pond.

A handle and support string allows you to position the spinner over your pond.

  • Heron deterrent spins in the wind to scare heron away
  • Eye design and reflective surface creates the impression of a predator to the heron
  • Plug in handle and support string allows installation above your pond
  • 185 x 185 x 1-35mm (expands horizontally)
  • 1022mm mounting pole
  • 2.5m string
  • 0.2kg
  • 2 year guarantee

Sku: OA73353

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