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Oase Pontec PondoLily


Oase Pontec PondoLily - relaistic looking weatherproof floating lilies to provide colour, shade and cover in your pond

Product Information

These fetching and realistic looking artificial lilies will not only brighten up your pond but they will also provide shade and shelter. Add a number of these to increase shade, which has the dual benefits of blocking sunlight to your pond, so potentially reducing algae growth and providing areas that your fish will love to frolic, hide and shelter in.

Or just have 1 or 2 to add some colour. What’s more these won’t be affected by the winter and may even help to keep a small area of your pond ice free, allowing the essential exchange of toxic gases and oxygen at the surface.

Made from soft, weather resistant and durable foam and plastic, each lily is 17cm in diameter, and they include fastening eyes on the underside so you can link them together.

Each order will come in a selection of pink, violet, orange or white colours, subject to availability.

  • Realistic looking weatherproof water lilies
  • 17cm in diameter
  • Provide cover and shade for your pond and fish
  • Each includes fastening eyes underneath to link them together
  • Available in 4 colours – violet, orange, pink and white

Sku: OA57528

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