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Oase Pontec Pondohyacinth


Oase Pontec Pondohyacinth - realistic looking weatherproof floating imitation hyacinths. Provide colour, shade and cover in your pond.

Product Information

These highly realistic imitation hyacinths float, look great and provide some cover and hiding places for your fish. Extremely popular since real hyacinths are now no longer available in the UK.

Just float them in your pond, they include an anchor eye on the bottom so you can keep them in place. Measures approximately 14cm in diameter.

  • Realistic looking artificial hyacinths, just float them on your pond
  • A great addition for your pond as real hyacinths are no longer available in the UK
  • They come with an anchor eye on the bottom so you can fix them in place
  • 14cm in diameter

Sku: OA77938

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