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Oase AquaActiv Dechlorinator


Oase AquaActiv Dechlorinator - Provides a safe and simple way to make your tap water safe for your fish by removing all chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals.

Product Information

The Oase AquaActiv Dechlorinator provides a quick and simple way of adding fish safe water to your pond, whether it’s a new set up or an existing pond. Although tap water is safe for humans it’s not always good for fish

This simple to install device from top trusted German brand Oase, will ensure your tap water is free from chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals, and will make it totally safe for your fish.

Installation is a breeze, just connect it to a standard garden hosepipe with the high quality quick release couplings supplied. No need for getting buckets full of water and adding liquid dechlorinator manually.

The unit is compact at around 50cm, so won’t get in the way and is easy to store. It can filter an impressive 200 000 litres of water before needing to be replaced and has a maximum recommended flow rate of 500lph. This unit is also suitable for use in aquariums.

Sku: OA48790

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