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Oase AquaActiv OptiPond 500ml


Stabilises carbonate and total hardness levels and restores GH, KH and pH to their optimum levels. 500ml bottle treats up to 10000 litres of pond water

Product Information

Excessive rainfall, unsuitable fill water or adverse weather especially in the spring/summer can affect the carbonate hardness in your pond water. This leads to fluctuating pH levels which can be harmful to your fish. Oase AquaActiv OptiPond stabilises carbonate and total hardness and restores a healthy balanced pond environment. The resulting GH, KH and pH levels are optimised and thus hazardous drops in acidity are prevented.   

Keep OptiPond handy to deal with water stabilisation problems after partial water changes, refilling the pond, heavy rainfall or other adverse weather conditions. It’s also the ideal supplement to use in conjunction with Oase AquaActiv Safe & Care.

  • Stabilises carbonate and total hardness levels to ensure healthy balanced pond water
  • Prevents hazardous drops in acidity to restore GH, KH and pH to their optimum levels
  • Use after water changes, refills and adverse weather to restore healthy conditions
  • Perfect accompaniment to use with Oase AquActiv Safe & Care
  • 500ml treats 10000 litres

Sku: OA75823

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