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Oase AquaActiv PondClear 500ml


Effective treatment for dealing with murky (turbid) or discoloured pond water. Works by clumping together (flocculating) suspended particles to be filtered out

Product Information

Oase AquaActiv PondClear is a great product for clearing murky, dirty looking (turbid) or brownish (tea coloured) water. In spite of the effectiveness of modern filter technology this problem can still occur due to the finest not filterable detritus, pollutants and mineral substances that can build up in suspension in the water and be missed by filters.

PondClear works by binding together (flocculating) these substances so that they form bigger clumps that can then be filtered out by your filtration system, or removed manually with the aid of nets or vacuums. PondClear will also neutralise and remove phosphates and heavy metals. Also included in the pack is a test kit to ensure your pond water’s carbonate hardness is the correct level for safety and best results.

  • Effective treatment for dealing with murky (turbid) or discoloured pond water
  • Works by binding and clumping together detritus and pollutants in the water so that they can be filtered out or manually removed
  • Effective against fine non filterable substances and pollutants
  • Test kit included to ensure safety and best results
  • Totally harmless to fish, birds and other garden wildlife when used as directed
  • Not suitable for algae or blanketweed control
  • 500ml treats up to 10000 litres

Sku: OA70453

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