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Hozelock Flexi Plus Hose 50m (75309000)


Hozelock Flexi Plus Hose Range For All Gardens. It Gives You A Great Deal Of Flexibility With Loads Of Technology.
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Product Information

The Hozelock Flexi Plus Range From Hozelock Is A Perfect Hose To Use in Any Garden With An Anti Kink System.

It Has A 5 Layer Knitted Reinforcement Combined With Soft & Flex Technology Which Gives You Perfect Manageability.

The Flexi Plus Features anti-kink, flexible knitted hose. The hose has five layers, a smooth PVC inner layer to allow maximum flow, a foamed PVC layer which gives ultimate flexibility without kinking and makes the hose light and soft, a knitted polyester layer to stop expansion and give extra flexibility and a tough, thick PVC outer layer.

Soft and Flex Technology - tiny uniformed bubbles give the hose ultimate flexibility and act as shock absorbers to prevent kinking.

Diameter - 12.5mm (1/2")
Quality - 4 Star
Guarantee - 15 Years
PVC is guaranteed free of heavy metals

Sku: HW75309000

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