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Hozelock SuperHoze Expanding Hose Pipe


Hozelock SuperHoze Expanding Hose Pipe - amazing hosepipe expands to 3 times its size when filled with water and returns back to previous state straight after use.

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3 year guarantee (2 years plus 1 extra when you register online)

Just add water!

With the Amazing Hozelock Superhoze Expanding Hose Pipe just attach to your tap and watch it expand to 3 times its previous size as it fills with water, and then return straight back to its original size after use.

This hose never kinks or tangles and it is very lightweight so it’s really easy to use and manoeuvre around your garden. Other hoses look like this one but the extensive development and 50 years’ experience that Hozelock have put into this design ensure that the fittings and connections are guaranteed leak-free. How many others come with a 3 year guarantee?

  • Comes in a handy plastic storage box
  • Available in 15 or 30m sizes (49' or 98')
  • Expands up to 3 times its original size when filled with water
  • Never kinks or tangles
  • No rigid piping means superb manoeuvrability around the home and garden


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