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Wooden Raised Ponds

21st Nov 2019

Wooden Raised Ponds

These gorgeous looking Raised Wooden Ponds will make a fetching attraction to any garden. They are designed to slot together to be incredibly easy to install, and they come in a variety of sizes and 3 different shapes square, rectangular and octagonal. There’s even a stretched octagonal option that’s really quite unique. They can be installed on concrete, patios, decking or grass. You can submerge all or part of the structure, meaning that you can even install in locations where your garden is not level.

These quality ponds are constructed from modular 27mm or 44mm timber. Each individual section features pre-cut tongue and groove slots which slot together for easy assembly to create one of the strongest ponds on the market. The timber is pressure treated and built to last. It’s also ACQ treated and play park friendly, meaning that the manufacturers are able to offer a 5 year guarantee on the 27mm products, and a 10 year guarantee on the 44mm ones – even if you choose to submerge your pond in the ground.