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Winter Predator Protection

21st Nov 2019

Food becomes scarcer in winter for all animals, this is no different in ponds and for the predators that use them as an easy winter meal. Let’s be honest we aren’t in the garden as much when it starts to get cold, so thinking of other ways to protect your precious pets is always worth a thought.

So what can be done? Well there are actually several options, each suitable for different needs and scenarios. See below for details:

Distractions/Reflection – Good For: Herons

People use to use cd’s (remember them?) tied to fishing line dangling around the pond, the thought being that a Heron would catch its reflection in the CD and being highly territorial they would leave. They can work but look rubbish in my opinion. I think you would be better having a look at our Heron Stop Spinner or Heron Stop Reflector. While maybe not 100% surefire effective we have had some great feedback from customers and they look a whole heap better.

Electrical – Good For: Herons and Cats

Becoming increasingly popular is the Velda Laser Guard, this clever device uses, as the name suggests, a bright laser to distract and frighten away unwanted predators to your pond, it even looks quite cool when its on!

The product has a range of around 12m and will only trigger for animals cat size and bigger, so it won’t disturb all the lovely birds you have spending time feeding all Autumn. Flashing lights and lasers are followed by 3 distinct noises, a Heron in distress, barking dogs and a poisonous dart frog (A supposed enemy of a Heron, I can’t say I have ever found one in my garden though!) These units are highly effective so they are well worth a look.

Another in this category worth a look is the Velda Pond Protector Electric Fence, this comes as a complete kit to make up to a 40m electric fence around your pond, don’t panic though it gives a very harmless shock that will just startle a heron or a cat enough so it doesn’t poach your fish!

Netting – Good For: Herons, Cats, Gulls, Cormorants, Otters and Minks

I think the first one to talk about should be the award winning Pond Pyramid Net. This is highly versatile and can cover ponds of up to 5m x 4m. It actually folds down to around a metre in length when in storage. Yes its not the prettiest, but as above it can be used when needed and stored when not. It comes with 30 stakes to peg down the net too, which makes it good for all but the craftiest predators. A small side note and added benefit is that they stop leaves from falling into the pond, this is great for your water quality.

Netfloat - this is a series of plastic rings or rectangles that interconnect together to create protection, normally around the outer edge of the pond. They stop Herons from wading into shallow areas and cats from casually sitting on the side of your pond waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Our Pond Cover Nets, sold in 4 and 6 metre lengths is another alternative if you need to cover the whole pond. It’s easily cut to size and we sell the anchor pegs to secure it in place also.

Make sure you have a look at all of the options available before your fish turn into a tasty snack, I know not all of them look great, but they are not permanent and all can be removed when you’re out enjoying your garden when Spring comes!