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Which Fountain Head is Best?

21st Nov 2019

Fountain Heads

If you want to create a lovely feature in your pond or garden there isn’t a much more satisfying sight or sound than a fountain in my opinion. Pretty much every destination around the world I seem to travel to I seem to be met by a fountain. Maybe the nature of my job makes me look out for them more or is it just a human love of water?

One of the most important things to consider when selecting which fountain pump to buy is the choice of fountain heads. Then of course as with all products and potential purchases you need to consider the general quality.

What are the main considerations when choosing a fountain head?

What type of fountain do you want to create?

It’s important first to get an idea of exactly what you want to achieve effect wise and the height of the fountain you want at the end. There is no real set rule with this, it really is personal preference. Most of our pumps come with a handy guide that gives you the information you need, as below:

Geyser or White Water Jet – My favourite, these can be small or very large as shown in the picture here. They create what is called white water, you will probably have seen hundreds of examples of this type of fountain about. They were first seen in ancient Rome where they made use natural underground springs.

Tier Fountain Jet – Probably the most commonly used out of all of the jets, these have a circular arrangement of holes, which can be set at various heights to create differing effects. Due to the small holes that release the water you will have to be sure to clean these regularly or think about moving your pump into higher layers of clean pond water.

Bell Jet – One of the best options in locations that might be prone to higher winds thanks to its flatter profile. Water arches horizontally from holes at the top edge of the nozzle itself to create this seamless effect. This one is nice and quiet so it certainly shouldn’t annoy any neighbours that might not like the sound of a fountain running all the time. They’re also great in ponds containing lilies, lilies hate splashing water especially in summer as the sun heats up the droplets burning their leaves.

So in summary, yeah I might not have helped if you wanted me to tell you which fountain head is best. However, I think the important message is that when choosing a fountain have a good look at ideas on the web that you’d like to achieve, then if you are still stuck after reading the tech tables just give us a call and we are sure to be able to help.