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Waterfall Illumination Video

21st Nov 2019

Our Oase Waterfall Illumination Sets are just the thing to light up your Oase Blade Waterfall, or other brands of Blade Waterfall including our very own version. In the video below you can see the warm white glow created by these light strips at the top of the waterfall and reflected in the droplets of the cascading water below.

The strips are available in 30, 60 and 90cm lengths and can be used with blade waterfalls or even just as general garden lights, illuminating pond edges or any other garden features.

  • Easily fits to Oase Waterfalls with supplied brackets and fittings and can be used with other brand blade waterfalls also
  • Can also use around the garden, for pond edge or garden illumination for instance
  • Can be used underwater or out of the water
  • Warm white glow transforms your cascading waterfall
  • GH general hardness. High values can cause mineral deposits and cloudy water
  • 2 Year Oase guarantee

Get full details and pick up your Oase Waterfall Illumination Sets at our website