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Water Lilies

21st Nov 2019

Water Lilies are aquatic plants which grow from the bottom of the pond. They send up large, round leaves, or 'pads', and are noted for their stunning blooms. Most lilies are sold simply by colour (red, white, pink and yellow), but each varient has specific requirements in terms of ideal water depth (usually between 30 - 120cm), and will have differing flower size, leaf size and colour, etc. These requirements and variences should be considered before purchasing and introducing to your pond, and are usually listed on the included information ticket.

It can be quite hard to develop and grow water lilies in a pond which contains fish with veracious appetites, such as carp, as they will commonly eat many young buds or shoots. Also, water lily leaves can become damaged if they are placed in a position where they are continually splashed with water, e.g. under a waterfall, or too near to a fountain.