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Water Features - Fountains

21st Nov 2019

The final stage of building a pond is the addition of water features. Spitting statues at the side of the pond or a central fountain can be a simple back-ground addition to the pond, or become the garden’s pièce de résistance.

Fountains are a great way of adding a feature to your garden, and they increase the amount of vital oxygen in the pond water.All fountains are produced by submerged pumps which are relatively easy to install and maintain. There are many mains powered fountain pumps and solar powered fountain pumps available, each able to give a variety of effects at varying sizes. The size and style of the fountain is usually described on the fountain pump’s packaging or in the pump’s instruction manual.Some of the more commonly available fountain types are tiered, geyser and bell.

Care must be taken when running a fountain. If the fountain is quite large or situated towards the side of the pond then water may be lost due to splashing, wind can also blow the fountain water away from the pond. This loss can seem quite small but may build up over a period of time.