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Velda Trendy Ponds

21st Nov 2019

Velda have brought out a brand new product this year. It follows in the footsteps of the Velda Trendy Pond; however this is a version for indoors.

Great for those who do not have a garden big enough for an outdoor feature, or even if you just simply love having the peacefulness of a pond nearby.

They come in 3 great colours, Natural Jute, Violet and Denim. And in 15 or 5 litres.

Lined with a durable pond liner this indoor feature can be filled with water to create a natural indoor pond, or even fill with plants to create a stunning modern look!

The below video shows the Outdoor Trendy Ponds however in the second half of the video shows some ideas of what looks you can create with the Indoor Trendy Ponds .

Originally posted on our old website in 2014