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Velda Heron Stop Spinner - Video and Information

21st Nov 2019

This clever and scary device is designed to scare herons and other birds and pests away from your pond to stop them stealing away with your favourite fish. It does this by apparently mimicking the eye of a predator when the sunlight glints on it as it swings in the breeze. Due to it’s configuration and the holographic image on the shiny metal surface reflecting in the daylight, herons will be confused and startled in to believing a rival predator is already at your pond.

Velda claim that this is the exact method used by NASA to scare birds away from rocket launch sites. This may seem like a bold claim, but from the video here you can certainly see how the device creates an optical illusion effect and seems to change form. It’s easy to imagine how this could well resemble the scary eye of a predator and deter other potential interlopers from intruding on your pond.