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Velda Floating Planters - The Benefits

21st Nov 2019

People are often sceptical when we talk to them about the benefits and aesthetics of the Velda Floating Pond Planters, they are brilliant especially once the plants become established.

I have been using these in my own pond now for over 5 years; I first came across them when my Koi ripped up all my marginal plants. This I can assure you cost me some money, took a long time in maintenance and it’s a story we hear all too often from our koi keeping customers!

Many people are sceptical about using floating planters, we often hear things like ‘My koi will tip them over’ or ‘they will sink’. I can assure you this has not happened for me and I have some really established plants in my pond and some big koi.

Benefits of A Floating Pond Planter

Blanket Weed and Green Water

Koi ponds as discussed above usually have no plants in them at all, (understandable if you keep fishing them out because they’ve been damaged). This means the nitrates in your pond all go towards feeding blanket weed and green water, both of which can be a huge nuisance for pond keepers. Using a planter is a perfect way to remove these and makes for a clearer healthier pond all round.


The planters also help to create shade for your fish; we all know fish like to shade in the summer under water lilies, these planters act as that sun break.


I’ve said it before, they look great, they have side fixing points and I have 3 tied together at each end of my pond and then fixed to the side - they are as sturdy as a rock.

Check them out on our website along with our new range of plants!