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Velda Floating Fish Dome

21st Nov 2019

Amazing new product from Velda. We've seen these before but they used to come with a hefty price tag, now the Velda Floating Fish Dome is only £99.99

Installation is simple, just put your fish dome in the water upside down, submerge it and then turn it over while still underwater. It will pop up and it's ready to go.

Put some fish food into the dome and watch as your fish seem to come out of the water to eat!

The Velda Floating Fish Dome is the ideal gift for the pond keeper who has everything.

These are available from mid-May and they are sure to be incredibly popular. Why not pre order yours now?

The video calls this a fish sphere - it's only half a sphere so we call it a dome - makes sense to us!

Originally posted on our old website in 2013