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Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters

21st Nov 2019

Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters

Velda are a Dutch company specialising in all kinds of pond equipment. Velda have been around a long time and are still family owned with a state of the art distribution and manufacturing plant in Enschede. They have a reputation for innovative products, built to a very high standard and the Velda Clear Control Pressurised filters are no exception.

The range of filters is designed to clean the water in a goldfish pond from 7500 litres to 40000 litres! The largest Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters are able to clean larger ponds than any other type of pressurised pond filter.

Clear control filters are supplied in several different ways. You can buy the filter on its own with no UVC and no pump or you can buy it with the UVC included or with both the UVC and the pump included. At Bradshaws we offer all of these alternatives so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Each Clear control Filter consists of a dustbin like main body that houses the filter media and a lid that houses the UVCs and the controls. In the body of the filter there are a series of foams of different grades to trap the solids like fish waste and algae that make your pond appear dirty. These are easy to remove and change but can be cleaned in situ with the automatic cleaning feature - more on that later.Internal cutaway diagram of Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filter

The lid of the filter has two ports that come with blanking caps so they can be left unused. Each of these can be used to fit either an Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC), that will stop the water going green, or a pond heater for the winter.

The beauty of this system, that is different from any other, is that you can add an extra UVC if you find that the first wasn't powerful enough. Sometimes when you've had a filter for a while and your fish have grown bigger the load on the filter increases and a pond that was clear before starts to go a bit green. Normally when this happens you'd have to change your filter set up, buying a new filter or an extra in line UVC, but with the Velda Clear Control you can just add an extra UVC into the existing port.

The other benefit is that in the winter you can put one or two heaters directly into the filter so that they will heat the pond to stop it freezing and promote the growth of the friendly bacteria that keep your fish healthy.

On the top of the lid there is a control handle that has 6 positions. You can easily select the position you need and you won't get covered in dirt while you're doing it!

  • Position 1

    Back Flush. This will reverse the flow through the unit to wash away any muck that has collected on top of the filters. The waste water will be pumped out of the exit port on the filter lid so you'll need to remove the blanking cap from this and attach a hose. The hose can be directed down a drain or into the plant borders (it makes great fertilizer)

  • Position 2

    Back Wash the valve. This position will clean the valve at the top of the Clear Control and keep it running smoothly

  • Position 3

    Drain the Pond - if you need to empty your pond then this is the setting for you. Might be useful for cleaning or partial water changes

  • Position 4

    Filtration. This is the normal setting when you want the pressure filter to clean your pond, so it should be set to this almost all of the time.

  • Position 5

    Bypass. This setting will allow the water to flow through the pressure filter but it won't put it through the media. This is useful if you are treating the pond with a chemical or medicine that can also affect the friendly bacteria that grow in the filter or if it is one that could be removed from the water by the filtration media.

  • Position 6

    Stop. This position will stop water from passing through the filter at all and is used when cleaning the pond pump so that water will stay in the pressurised filter

The Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters come in four sizes and the table below tells you what size of ponds they will clean. These are the maximum figures for the type of pond listed so if you have a shallow pond or a pond that gets the sun for more than half the day or if you have high fish stocks then these figures should be reduced.

Clear Control

Nature Pond Size (litres)

Goldfish Pond Size (litres)

Koi Pond Size (litres)

Max Flow (lph)

Compatible UV

Compatible Heater



























2 x 36w


If you've decided that the Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters are for you then take a look at our site and we could have it on on your doorstep tomorrow!

Clear Control Filter on its own

Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filters

Clear Control Pressure Filter with a Velda Highstream Pump and a UVC

Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filter Kit with High Stream Pump

Clear Control with a PondKraft Eco Filter Pump and a UVC

Velda Clear Control Pressurised Filter with PondKraft Eco Filter Pump

Originally posted on our old website in 2013