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Top Reasons Why Keeping Fish is Good for You

18th Feb 2022

I bet you didn't know that fish are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, after dogs and cats? A PFMA study showed that 24% of households have dogs, 17% own cats and fish come a close 3 rd with 13% of households. With spring and summer just round the corner our thoughts turn to enjoying our gardens. If you're thinking of livening up your garden by adding a pond and some beautiful fish, here are the top reasons why that's a great idea.

So, why is keeping fish as pets so massively popular? Well there are many reasons and the list below is by no means exhaustive but we’ve summarised what we think are the top reasons for having an aquatic friend as a pet.

  1. Health – Studies have consistently shown that keeping fish can be great for relieving stress. Watching fish either in aquariums (ever wondered why there are so many in doctor’s and dentists waiting rooms), or in outdoor ponds can be extremely calming. That silent dance of colour and movement, perhaps coupled with the soothing sound of a trickling fountain or water feature, over time, can lower general stress levels and has even been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, so there are actual measurable physical benefits as well.
  2. Low Noise, Low Maintenance – Keeping fish is relatively low maintenance when compared to other pets such as cats and dogs for instance. They are a much more tranquil, peaceful, quiet and unobtrusive pet option too. Not to mention cost. Even after the initial outlay for a pond or aquarium and the necessary maintenance equipment, over time the cost of keeping fish is much cheaper than many other pets. 
  3. Great Learning Opportunity (Especially for kids) – Keeping a pond provides a perfect opportunity for teaching children about nature and making them aware of ecological issues – as every pond is essentially a mini ecosystem in itself. Through feeding, caring for and helping to maintain the pond, kids will also learn about the responsibility of looking after another living creature. They’ll also learn emotional intelligence and empathy from taking care of and bonding with their finned friends.
  4. A Beautiful and Attractive Addition to any Home – A fish pond or aquarium can be a gorgeous feature of any home or garden and will often become a main talking point. Not only that, many studies and articles show that a pond and/or water feature or waterfall can even  add to the value of your property.
  5. A Richly Rewarding Hobby – Many fish keepers derive an immense amount of satisfaction both from keeping a pond, and from rearing and caring for the fish that live there. Without a doubt keeping fish is rewarding on an emotional and enjoyment level – but many take their hobby even further. Breeding and attending shows can be rewarding financially as well, with prize koi in particular having been worth up to $265,000! And believe it or not the most expensive koi ever sold went for $2,200,000!

There are myriad other good reasons for keeping fish and you probably have your own reasons that are very personal to you. Here’s hoping we can help you to enjoy your hobby to the fullest for many years to come.