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Top Reasons for Solar Pond and Garden Products

23rd Apr 2021

With the weather finally starting to warm up and the possibility of balmy lockdown free summer nights, you’re probably thinking of the fun times you can have in the garden relaxing by the pond. Those powerful rays are not just great for making you feel good though. They could also help you cut costs, be kind to the environment and give you greater options for positioning your essential pond equipment.

In fact the benefits of solar are far reaching (just ask Elon and Greta), so we thought we’d highlight some of the chief benefits of bringing solar power to your garden.

1. Flexibility - Solar products can bring great benefits in your garden in terms of far more freedom in where you position your pumps, water features, lights and so on. No trailing wires, no need to connect to the mains, no fiddly wiring of junction boxes – all go to mean you have far more options in arranging your pondscape exactly as you want it. We even have Solar Powered Floating Air Pumps and Fountain Pumps which you can place just about anywhere they'll get sunlight.

2. Eco-friendly - Of course making use of the sun’s natural power means you’re not burning fossil fuels to make electricity. Your little pond pump may seem like a drop in the ocean in terms of saving the planet but every little helps. Making use of solar energy is one of the best ways we can help be kinder to the planet and do our bit in making things just that little bit better.

3. Saves you money - Power from the sun’s rays means no electricity costs to power your devices. Some products such as solar lights will even charge up during the day and come on at night meaning you can benefit even when the sun isn’t shining.

4. Unobtrusive - Solar products often look better because there are no unsightly wires and electronics leading off to plugs and junction boxes. Solar Water Features can be placed just about anywhere.

Solar Water Features

5. Greater safety (more child and pet friendly) - Less wiring and electronics means less to trip over, less for dogs and rabbits to chew and less frayed wires to endanger kids and pets.

6. Easy to maintain - As mentioned above, the absence of wires and plug points not only means less fiddly installations, but less to upkeep and maintain as well. Keeping up maintenance in the home is hard enough as it is, so anything that helps reduce the workload is bound to be appealing.

Investing in some solar products could be one of the best things you can do for improving your garden and pond and reducing your workload. Browse our Solar Products or give us a call if you don’t find what you need.