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Time to Switch to Wheatgerm Feed

24th Sep 2021

It may only seem like just the other day that the sun was shining and you were switching to higher protein foods. But now the Autumn is here and it's time to think of your feeding regime once again .

As the water gets colder and your fish become less active, with a slower metabolism, it's time to switch to lower protein foods. Wheatgerm is the best kind of feed at this time of year. A good wheatgerm feed will still provide all the nutrients your fish need but will be easier to digest.

The fish in your pond are of course cold blooded, and the amount of food they require relates directly to how active they are. Their level of activity in turn goes hand in hand with the water temperature in your pond. As temperatures drop in the latter part of the year you will notice your fish become less active. They will adopt a more or less dormant state once things get really cold, usually around 5°C or less. At that stage it’s time to stop feeding.

Around this time of year though (Late Sept – November), with temperatures ranging from around 5°C to around 10°C your fish will still be active enough to require some sustenance. This is definitely the time to switch to wheatgerm foods. This lower protein, easier to digest food will help progress and prepare your fish towards the dormant winter state, effectively helping your fish to overwinter safely and healthily. Wheatgerm is suitable for all kinds of pond fish.

We've got lots of suitable foods to choose from including our own brand Wheatgerm Food, and don't forget you can always make the most of our Super Saver fish food deal as well!