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The Quick and Easy Way to Test Your Pond Water

21st Jan 2022

Ok, so let's be honest, nobody really likes testing your pond water. It’s time-consuming and sometimes you’re not sure which colour on the chart your water result matches. But water testing really will ensure your fish are happy and healthy and could even be a life saver! So this amazing device from Velda makes it quick and easy and takes the pain out of testing.

Velda AquaTester Pro Water Tester is a digital water testing kit for your pond that gives results in just seconds!

Just dip the water indicator strip into your water, shake off the excess and wait up to 60 seconds. Then insert the indicator strip into the tester, pull the strip through the reader and see the results light up in the digital display. It really is that simple.

You can even download the accompanying AquaTester Pro app and send the results via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet to record and diagnose later.

AquaTester Pro analyses these key water values in a splash:

  • pH – the acidity of the water, important for water quality and algae control and affects free ammonia levels
  • NO2 – Nitrite. Too much is harmful to fish
  • NO3 – Nitrates. High levels cause algae growth and green water
  • KH carbonate hardness. Low KH can slow down the growth of oxygenating plants
  • GH general hardness. High values can cause mineral deposits and cloudy water
  • TA – alkalinity. Helps determine the stability of the pH. Fish don’t like changes in pH levels
  • Comes with 25 testing strips. Tests for ammonia and phosphate are in development and should be released soon.

Get full details and pick one up at our website today!