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The PondKraft Solar Floating Lily Fountain

27th Aug 2021

Solar tech is all the rage atm, but not just in cars and powerplants - but in ponds and gardens too. Our  PondKraft Solar Floating Lily Fountain is the perfect addition to your pond. Enhance your pond and add water movement (also good for aeration).

Solar offers ultimate convenience and hassle free installation. There are zero running costs, no wiring required and of course it’s the eco-friendly option too. We think it looks better than the Oase Pontec version, and it’s actually much cheaper too!

Solar are the most simple type of water feature you could wish for, just place it in the pond and let the sunshine hit it! The solar panel will charge and provide power for the fountain. As long as it’s in direct sunlight it will keep going, and of course that’s when you’ll be outside to enjoy it.

  • Easy installation - just float it on the pond and let the sunlight hit it!
  • Environmentally friendly, with zero running costs!
  • Fountain Height up to 45cm (18”)
  • Choice of 4 fountain heads, creating different fountain patterns
  • 150 lph

We’ve got some amazing solar products that are always hugely popular. Keep an eye on our blog for more details.