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The Oase ProfiClear Modular System Explained

21st Nov 2019

Module filters such as the Oase ProfiClear Premium Modular Filter System are ideal for all types of larger ponds. Whether natural bodies of water, swim ponds or even koi ponds, larger ponds all make the most rigorous demands in terms of filter performance.

These Oase modular filter systems can be extended with additional modules depending on your particular needs. This offers great flexibility and adaptability for developing koi ponds. Innovative Oase patented functions such as automatic self-cleaning, and an extensive range of accessories make this system perfect for even the most demanding situations and pond set ups.

Not only is this system endlessly flexible, it’s brought to you by trusted premium German brand Oase. With Oase you know you are getting the benefit of extensive research, long-lasting reliable products and generous manufacturer guarantees.