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The New 2019 Filtral by Oase

21st Nov 2019

Oase have updated their extremely successful Filtral for 2019! The old style Filtral has been around a good while now, so what’s changed with the new version?

  • New weighted Cage design
  • Easier to get into the UV
  • Removed the fiddly plate that sat over the pump
  • New Media
  • UV viewing cap
  • 4 Models – 1500 5w UVC, 3000 9w UVC, 6000 11w UVC, 9000 13w UVC

In truth there isn’t a drastic game changer tweak that sets it apart from its rivals in the all in one filtration market, however you do get a much more premium look and feel which is much more in keeping, if not synonymous with the Oase brand.

The new weighted cage is a really nice touch. These units can be surprisingly buoyant with a hose attached, especially when you turn them off for maintenance, so we definitely approve of this feature. Well done on this one Oase!

With 4 new models it means that most small to medium garden ponds will be covered by the range of sizes. The 3 replaced models have all benefited from a UV wattage increase too as shown above and in the table below.

We also have available the Oase Filtral 2019 Fountain Kit and the Oase Filtral Aeration Set


The UV has never exactly been difficult to access and maintain, but in the new versions I feel getting at it is even easier with the new design. So, how do you get into the new Filtral?

The new cage design has four new clips (these are much better than the old model ones) that give you access to the main body as shown below.


A sure winner for people, the new models and the upgraded UVC’s will make this a huge seller for 2019, be sure to add this to your list if you’re planning on changing your filtration in your pond.