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The Modern Wildlife Pond

21st Nov 2019

Among the biggest selling items at Bradshaws Direct are our PondKraft Polyex Pond Liners, with the most popular size being the 3m x 2.5m. This is ample to create a wildlife oasis in almost any garden.

To the right is a photograph of one of our customer's ponds from the Feefo review section on our website, they have pointed out that the Polyex liner is ‘excellent value for money!’ and I think you will have to agree that their pond is going to look great once established and will provide a haven for a multitude of wildlife. You can read the full review here.

The RHS has said that during the past century over 70% of natural countryside ponds have died out and disappeared, placing a huge importance on pond keepers to help our native wildlife thrive.

What Wildlife will you be Helping?

There are so many - too many to list in fact! From speaking to our customers, it seems that the ones they encounter visiting their ponds the most, and that they most enjoy, are frogs, toads and especially newts, which are of course a protected species.

Caddis flies, Mayflies, Waterboatmen, Damselflies, Dragonflies and Water Beetles all breed in water but remember, don’t be tempted to introduce fish as they will make short work of eating their way through your new wildlife. You will find that with a few bird feeders dotted around you’ll soon have a lot of feathered friends in your garden too. With regards to bird wildlife you can help out the RSPB with their research if you like, by clicking on the link.

Wildlife Ponds do’s and Don’ts

  • Do plant native UK plants – Especially flowering ones!
  • Do use floating plants to create shade
  • Do try and have an area of around 60cm depth
  • Do provide a shallow area for easy access for frogs and toads to get out
  • Do provide a layer of large stones and cobbles as they provide the perfect habitat
  • Do buy yourself a bench to sit and enjoy your pond
  • Do remove or eradicate any duckweed - when it comes, it can strangle a pond
  • Don’t top up the pond with untreated tap water, always use a water butt, or use a tap water treatment
  • Don’t add invasive non-native plants
  • Don’t add fish as they will eat all the wildlife