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The Bermuda MulltiPump All-in-One 2000L

21st Nov 2019

The Bermuda MulltiPump 2000L - All in One, is a truly versatile pump that’s suitable for small to medium ponds. It comes with everything you need, and even boasts a nifty few extras!

The Bermuda MulltiPump All-in-One 2000L

Suitable for ponds up to 4500 litres (1000 gallons) it includes mechanical and biological filtration and an 11watt UVC to help ensure crystal clear water. Not only that, it also has a set of 3 colour changing, light sensor activated lights to light up the incorporated fountain, or these lights can be positioned separately somewhere else – to light up your pond edge for instance. Speaking of the fountain, it comes with interchangeable heads for different spray patterns and has a rotatable stem so you can always ensure a straight vertical fountain. You can also run a small water feature from the integrated pump.

This really is the ideal and simple solution for smaller to medium sized ponds, and with the fountain and LED lights will look fantastic!