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Testing ...Testing!

1st Dec 2020

Testing your pond water is essential and should be a regular part of your pond maintenance routine. Bad water quality can harm the health of your fish in many ways.

Testing water is still important for the winter months. Decomposing leaves and other plant matter in particular can affect pH levels and water hardness (KH and GH levels). Our Test Kits will help you test for, and monitor the most important water parameters.

Blagdon Complete Pond Dip Test Kit

Most important to test for are Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH and water hardness. The new BlagdonComplete Pond Dip Test Kit allows you to test for all of these.

Testing regularly will highlight any issues or abnormalities in your pond which could lead to health problems later. This includes revealing background levels of parasites, so that you can administer Treatments to deal with these and other issues before they become a major problem!

Test for: pH value, general hardness, carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia.

Really easy to use – just dip the strips into the water, shake off the excess, and wait for the indicator strips to change colour. Then just compare against the charts on the containers.

  • Fast simple and reliable testing for the 6 most important water parameters
  • Easy to use – just dip the strips then compare to the charts
  • Perform full tests in minutes