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Sparkrite Cycle Carriers

21st Nov 2019

Cycle carriers are the easiest way to transport your bikes from A to B, whether exploring the countryside on two wheels or taking the family away for a break.

When you’re thinking of buying a bike rack there are lots of different shapes, sizes and models to choose from, not to mention a huge range of prices! When deciding which one to go for there are a number of things to consider, such as; How many bikes do I want to carry? Do I want them on the roof or on the back of the car? Will it fit my car? How easy is it to fit? Can I still use the boot if it’s fitted? How secure is it? Do I need a tow bar?

If your car does have a tow bar the easiest and most secure way of carrying your bikes is by using the tow ball and fitting a tow bar mounted cycle carrier. The Sparkrite Tow Bar Bike Carrier makes it really easy to carry up to 4 bikes and is also extremely secure as it locks on to your tow ball. The 3 bike carrier can carry three bikes up to 45kg in total weight and the 4 bike carrier can carry four bikes up to 60kg in total weight.

These bike racks will fit most types of standard 50mm tow balls including swan neck, flanged and detachable.

In addition to this all your bikes will lock to the clamps on the carrier meaning if you need to have a pit stop on the way to your destination then you have the peace of mind that they’ll remain safe.

One of the best things about our bike racks is the handy tilt feature which means you can get into the back of your car without removing any bikes or the bike carrier, really useful if you need to put things in or take things out of the boot once the rack is in place!

In this day and age when everyone is counting the cost of everyday life it’s more important than ever that we feel like we’re getting value for money when deciding what to spend our pennies on and the Sparkrite Cycle Carrier delivers just that, excellent value for money, especially when you compare the build quality and features of the rack to the more expensive brands on the market. We’re sure that if you’re looking for a cycle carrier that carries 3 or 4 bikes on your tow ball at a fantastic price then you should look no further than the Sparkrite Tow Bar Cycle Carrier which is backed up by our comprehensive 2 year warranty.